With influences from classic Hardcore, Rap and Heavy Metal the band presents a very particular proposal , with swing and grooves and intense Bases and Heavy Riffs.

From the south side of São Paulo, started in 2011, Unidade Armada was active until the beginning of 2018.




Regino Junior 

Guilherme Fahl (2017 / 2018)


Caio Pastore
Saya Belangier
Victor Tuk (2012)

Rafael Lima (2011)



Bruno Biller (2011 / 2014)
Pezão (2015 / 2017)
Chesther (2017 / 2018)




The band recorded their first EP in 2013 called "Ordem do Progresso" at Estudio Preset, the EP "Nocivo" in 2015 at the Studio Lamparina, recorded and produced by Tiago Hospede.

And in 2017 the last single "Issé Todo Dia", his drums and strings were recorded at studio Toth and the music was finished at the Diablero Home Studio.